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Beaumont Girls School, Beaumont, Cork

4th Class and 1st Class Book Buddies

20th Jan 2023

A wonderful partnership between 1st class and 4th class was created last week!

We began Book Buddies! 

The girls from 1st class joined the girls in 4th, and they read to each other. 

Book Buddies will continue throughout the year, and will involve all aspects of the English curriculum; Reading, writing, and Oral Language.

There are so many benefits to Book Buddies:

For younger children:

  • hearing stories read-aloud (modeling of reading fluency, phrasing and expression)
  • having conversations with an older student about topics that interest and involve them (extending their vocabulary, oral language abilities)
  • having regular opportunities to practice familiar reading with 1:1 assistance
  • enjoying fun, positive experiences with ‘big kid’ who is now a recognizable face in the school community

For older children: 

  • further developing their own literacy skills
  • fostering leadership and problem-solving skills
  • improved self-confidence that comes from being looked-up to
  • a very real and important reason to be responsible, and an opportunity to be ‘caught’ (and praised) for positive behaviour.