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Beaumont Girls School, Beaumont, Cork

Homemade Terrariums in 4th Class

22nd Feb 2023

Mr Wilson's 4th class became ecologists when they learned all about the conditions for growth. We learned that there was a way to replicate an ecosystem in a jar. This was called a terrarium. It would create its own nutrients and water, lasting indefinitely without any input or further care. This will allow us to study the life cycle of plants. 

We recycled old jars to use as our terrariums. We learned that our first step was to create a drainage layer. This enabled the water to circulate around our jar. 

Then, we added our substrate, which in this case was soil. This contains the nutrients and materials or organisms to grow. 

We then found small plants, and dug them up from the roots, to replant in our jars.

We found minibeasts to help us to break down our materials. We added plenty of "creepy crawlies!".

We then added water, and closed our jars. Our terrariums were complete! 

Check out our photos!